Graffiti artist

I spotted this article on the news today: Quite recently a Banksy was removed by taking a section of wall from an unsuspecting house in Nottingham. Apparently it was sold for a six-figure sum to a gallery owner in Scotland and is now being restored. Amazing that Banksy artwork has become so valuable –Continue reading “Graffiti artist”

A host of golden daffodils

I love the poem ‘Daffodils’ by William Wordsworth and I’ve thought of it sometimes during lockdown as it’s very poignant. The poem is lovely and the flowers themselves are so pretty and such a welcome, vibrant colour in the spring – just cheerful without doing or saying anything. Last Sunday I went to the riversideContinue reading “A host of golden daffodils”

Privvi at the London Eye

It was slightly embarrassing standing on Westminster Bridge trying to photograph a small box, particularly as it kept falling over and the wind meant I had a 30 second window, now and again, in which it stayed upright. Managed to snap it eventually. Most people on the bridge were walking and chatting or taking photosContinue reading “Privvi at the London Eye”

The power of image

This is one from a set of photographs my son took last summer. His challenge was to take 100 photos of nature during lockdown. He took some amazing photographs (which I may show you at some point) but I think this one is particularly striking because of the colour and the flying bug which wasContinue reading “The power of image”

London mission

I’ve been very restricted with my Privvi work due to lockdown and Monday’s news means I need to forge ahead quickly. My first task is to run a Facebook promotional series using the lovely images from San Francisco, Tokyo and Sydney. The box I sent to Prague still hasn’t arrived and I may need toContinue reading “London mission”