Summer ahead

I love this photo. It was taken on the sand dunes in April. It’s hard to imagine that sunshine when it seems to have rained all of this week. Apparently we’ve sun ahead and June is due to be warm. That would be welcome and I’m hoping the next four weeks will go quickly. MyContinue reading “Summer ahead”

The unwashed hand

I haven’t been able to wash my right hand since around 9am on Thursday 6th May. Quite gross but entirely necessary. I’m simply not allowed to get it wet while the stitches heal. They’re coming out this Friday but I don’t think I’ll be able to wash my hand for another week or two. IContinue reading “The unwashed hand”

What is a ‘toilet plume’?

As you know, I’ve a bit of a thing about toilets and I found myself researching information on public toilet hygiene today. I stumbled across the rather disgusting and unhygienic phenomenon of ‘toilet plumes’ (also known as ‘toilet turbulence’) Apparently, according to a recent scientific study, when a toilet is flushed it can expel largeContinue reading “What is a ‘toilet plume’?”

The mystery package

It was my birthday yesterday but I didn’t do anything special. That suited me as I’m not really ready to go out and about just yet – my bandage is huge and very conspicuous plus I can’t get my coat sleeve over it (which is annoying). On the bright-side I can definitely carry on workingContinue reading “The mystery package”

Using a knife and fork

I’m aware of some of the challenges I’m going to face when I ‘lose’ my hand again on Thursday. It sounds like such a simple thing – to not be able to use one hand for an extended period of time, but from my experience it is surprisingly debilitating. I’m just trying to prepare soContinue reading “Using a knife and fork”