Helium-filled, inflatable poo

You’re probably wondering what this is? It’s shiny, floats in the air and is about half a metre wide. Any ideas? Quick post tonight as I’m working flat out to get my work done and everything sorted for the festival Saturday. This is my prize acquisition and I have four of them. In case youContinue reading “Helium-filled, inflatable poo”


Next Thursday I’m in hospital all day for a procedure called a Durolane injection under general anaesthetic. It’s a bit like WD40 for human joints and contains Hyaluronic acid which (apparently) naturally improves the function and eases the discomfort of a damaged or arthritic joint. Although my hip has eased since last week I’m seeingContinue reading “Maintenance”

A venture into social media

When I was growing up social media didn’t exist. In fact people only started using email when I was in my late teens, at a point the WWW was seen as ground-breaking. I’m not confident with social media and I’ve had to learn fast over the past year – especially to build my Facebook andContinue reading “A venture into social media”

Prequels, Sequels and …Peequals?

I’d never heard of a peequal before until a friend forwarded this to me. I think it looks great – like a giant children’s toy. It is entirely not that and is, in fact, a new design for women’s outdoor toilets made of recycled material. It’s designed for festivals and events and ‘seats’ 6 atContinue reading “Prequels, Sequels and …Peequals?”

We’re going to a festival

When I first thought of the idea of Privvi I realised its potential for use at events, particularly at things like festivals and those which involve camping. This was really appealing to me as I enjoy this kind of thing (even though I don’t seem to find the time to do it much these days).Continue reading “We’re going to a festival”

Seeing the light of things

One really good thing about writing my blog is that it makes me look for the humour as well the positives in my day. I’ve not had a good day but found myself wondering what to write and thinking of an idea that has made me see a situation in a much brighter and entertainingContinue reading “Seeing the light of things”