Nearly snapped

I spent today at a food festival in Cambridge (which is a great place). Not particularly busy but a good location and I think that things will pick up tomorrow when many people aren’t working. I stood in the field yesterday trying to put up a new, smaller tent and after industriously working,, sweating inContinue reading “Nearly snapped”


Feeling a bit ‘amber’

We’re green for go as lockdown lifted (for the most part) here in the UK today. Despite rising Covid rates the verdict was that we’re good to go and it’s a case of now or never. I intend to remain cautious – not just for myself but for my friends and family and because IContinue reading “Feeling a bit ‘amber’”

What next?

With the Covid rules set to lift from Monday it’s difficult to know what things are going to be like going forward. A bit of a journey into the unknown. I think it would be foolish to assume that life will return to normal but hopefully we’re going in the right direction. The increasing levelsContinue reading “What next?”

A bit of patriotism

I’m not a big fan of football – in fact I find it quite irritating to watch – especially when the players fake injury when tackled. Is that just me? It’s like watching a sporting drama and it would be so much better if they just manned-up and played the game. Despite my indifference toContinue reading “A bit of patriotism”

Stranger than fiction

Extraordinary news last night – I couldn’t make up if I was writing fiction.  I’m in hospital tomorrow for my (WD40) hip injection under general. They did an Mri scan to check things beforehand and my consultant called yesterday regarding the results. They’ve spotted a 35mm round cyst in my pelvis and I’m FREAKED out.Continue reading “Stranger than fiction”

Refresh your day?

Thought I’d share this delicious drink with you – it says ‘refresh your day’ on the bottle. Yes – it IS a drink (and not swampy frog spawn water). It’s lemongrass with Basil seed and we’re going to try it later. A Japanese friend took me to a shop selling world foods today (I’m veryContinue reading “Refresh your day?”

Waterless toilets

I was thinking about the concept of toilets yesterday and wondering if we may entirely change this convention and invent a completely different way of doing things. If you think about astronauts, for example, they have to pee into a bag as gravity has other plans for its content. So I Googled this idea todayContinue reading “Waterless toilets”