To the mountains…

It’s hard to imagine that I used to write my blog every day. I think I had more time to think then and I seem to have lacked the inspiration to write recently. Perhaps I needed some time to re-charge – last year was very intense. This Sunday I’m hoping to go to the mountainsContinue reading “To the mountains…”


A very merry Christmas

If I’m honest I find Christmas a tiny bit stressful (although I enjoy it). Been a busy week but we’re finally here and it’s good to take a break. Spent a bit of time designing this Privvi promo for the festivities. I find designing quite satisfying and productive and it also relaxes me to focusContinue reading “A very merry Christmas”

The Christmas wreath

I’ve never made a real one so I booked myself into a wreath-making workshop last night. There’s a surprising amount of labour involved and I hadn’t realised how much the damage to my hand would affect this as I haven’t done anything this ‘hands on’ for some time. It looked fine in the end soContinue reading “The Christmas wreath”

Our ‘new normal’

I had an idea for a social media post for Privvi which I’ve photographed and designed. Simple but titled our ‘new normal’. I think we’d hoped that Covid was beginning to subside but then the kids went back to school, unvaccinated and with no masks or any precautions in place. From my perspective it appearsContinue reading “Our ‘new normal’”