Privvi at the London Eye

It was slightly embarrassing standing on Westminster Bridge trying to photograph a small box, particularly as it kept falling over and the wind meant I had a 30 second window, now and again, in which it stayed upright. Managed to snap it eventually. Most people on the bridge were walking and chatting or taking photosContinue reading “Privvi at the London Eye”


London mission

I’ve been very restricted with my Privvi work due to lockdown and Monday’s news means I need to forge ahead quickly. My first task is to run a Facebook promotional series using the lovely images from San Francisco, Tokyo and Sydney. The box I sent to Prague still hasn’t arrived and I may need toContinue reading “London mission”

Privvi is in San Francisco

This morning I had a lovely surprise waiting in my email Inbox. I sent a Privvi box to my friend Barney in San Francisco so he could photograph it next to the Golden Gate bridge. Barney is a friend who I met in the early 90s working on a newspaper in Prague (that was quiteContinue reading “Privvi is in San Francisco”

Product photos

Why is it so hard to take good product photos? We tried to take the Privvi product shots at home today. In theory, photographing four products on a white background in daylight should be easy? The quality of photograph needed for an e-commerce website is surprisingly hard to achieve (so it seems). Before we’d evenContinue reading “Product photos”

More about toilets…

There’s a famous toilet scene in the film ‘Trainspotting’ that popped into my head today. It’s spectacularly disgusting and features the lead character diving headfirst into the filthiest, dirtiest, public toilet imaginable. Apparently the scene was created in a clean loo using different kinds of chocolate and the set smelled delicious! I’ve just done aContinue reading “More about toilets…”