Small feet?

No, I don’t have really small feet – they are actually a size 8. Sometimes I look at them and think they’re a really long way away. My feet ARE actually further away than most peoples’ and I forget how tall I am sometimes.

While out with newspaper colleagues in Prague we met a lady who wasn’t very tall and had one foot size 5 and one a size 9. She actually put her feet up on a table to show everyone. Every time she bought shoes she had to buy two pairs and use one of each for each foot.

I’m having a strange week as both my children have Covid. I’m hoping they’re through the worst but it’s been surprisingly stressful. It’s a case of maintaining focus, monitoring and trying to stay calm. I think it’s why I noticed my feet – I’ve been stuck at home and needed the distraction.


Published by AnnaH

My name's Anna and I decided to write a blog following an accident last year. I will never regain the full use of my right hand and an operation led to additional, ongoing complications. This is about my struggles following the accident and the challenges of trying to save the use I still have in my hand. It’s a story about my product and why it appeared in my head one day because of my traumatic experiences. How I took that positive vision and worked towards bringing it to life. The challenges of putting it together and getting it to the market whilst still undergoing debilitating, ongoing treatment. It's a journey you can share with me. I'm not there yet...

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