Why I’m writing this blog

I’d chatted to a lovely man called Duncan who told me about a time he’d struggled with debilitating illness and we shared some thoughts on our experiences. He suggested that I write a Blog to tell the story of my accident, the struggles with my injury, the treatment and how that led to my product idea. 

I thought about writing the blog and found myself saying to my family ‘what if I write a blog and no-one reads it?’. My thirteen year old son said to me ‘You should write it anyway mum because it would be good for you. I’ve read that writing blogs can help people feel better’. So very wise and kind of him to say and just what I needed to hear. I love this little person very much.

So here goes… this is my story. Starting last September and continuing now as I’m sitting in hospital typing with one finger with my other arm on an IV drip. It’s beeping now – I used to think that meant there was a problem but thankfully it just means it’s just nearly finished.

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